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rMetrix revolutionizes the way train ride quality data is collected, analyzed and visualized. Using rMetrix for continuous rail track inspection activities leads to the rapid identification and prioritization of locations for corrective and preventive maintenance, as well as the detection of vehicle and track abnormalities that may impact passenger comfort, cargo integrity, equipment reliability and operational safety.

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Incorporating cutting edge GPS, acceleration, and IMU sensors with an intuitive, powerful software interface, rMetrix is the industry standard for ride performance assessments. rMetrix assesses ride quality, comfort and safety in real-time without the need for a dedicated test car or permanently affixed sensor. rMetrix works with your portable computer so that you can perform an inspection at any time and on any vehicle.

  • High-Accuracy GPS Tracking
  • Acceleration and Orientation Sensors
  • US, International, and Custom Ride Performance Measurements
  • Time and Frequency Domain Analyses
  • Sperling Ride Index and ISO 2634 Ride Comfort Reports
rMetrix Desktop Software

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Need an autonomous solution? rMetrix-A is designed for those organizations who need to continually monitor ride quality and track and vehicle safety conditions 24x7. It is also ideal for organizations with limited inspectors or resources. The system includes an embedded CPU, GPS, and industrial acceleration and orientation sensors combined with cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity to provide real-time ride performance assessments.

  • Solid State Design - No Moving Components, Rugged Case
  • Mounts on Any Vehicle Type, Compact and Transferable
  • Integrated GPS, 802.11 Wi-Fi, Ethernet and Cellular Comms
  • Sensors for Carbody, Truck and Axle Measurements
  • Online Portal for Real-Time Monitoring and Analysis
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