What is rMetrix-A?

rMetrix-A is your solution for:

Click here to download the rMetrix-A specification sheet for more information.

Hardware Instrumentation

Ride Quality Sensor

Ride Quality Sensors

rMetrix-A includes powerful 3-axis accelerometer and IMU sensors for real-time acceleration and orientation monitoring and analysis. Multiple sensors can be used simultaneously to measure vehicle responses at different car locations.

CPU with Antennas

Central Processing Unit

The rMetrix-A Central Processing Unit with UPS analyzes sensor data to generate ride quality exceptions. It includes Wi-Fi/Cellular communications and a 10 Hz GPS receiver for real-time ride quality notifications on high-speed train operations.

Instrumentation Kits

Instrumentation Kits

rMetrix-A can be used as a portable system, or as a permanent installation on a single train car. Antenna and sensor instrumentation kits are available to fit your rMetrix-A systems to each of the train cars in your fleet.

Online Portal

rMetrix Online Portal - Map View

Map View

The rMetrix Online Portal includes a real-time Map View of all the ride quality exceptions generated by your rMetrix-A systems. The Map View allows you to:

  • View all Ride Quality Exceptions on a GIS Map
  • View all Ride Quality Exceptions in a Tabular Format with Sorting
  • View Track Geometry Defects on the Same GIS Map
  • Search and Sort all Ride Quality Exceptions
  • View Satellite Imagery of Ride Quality Exception Location
  • View Ride Quality Exception Sensor Data
  • Download Ride Quality Exception Sensor Data for Post Processing

rMetrix Online Portal - Fleet View

Fleet View

The rMetrix Online Portal includes a real-time Fleet View of your deployed rMetrix-A systems. The Fleet View allows you to:

  • View your rMetrix-A Fleet and Operational Status at a Single Glance
  • View Satellite Imagery of the Train Car's Current Location
  • View Ride Quality Exceptions by Car in a Tabular Format
  • Switch Quickly to Map View Based on Selected Ride Quality Exceptions
  • Compare a Train Car's Ride Quality Exceptions from Week to Week

Fleet Analysis and Reports

rMetrix Fleet Analysis

Track Health

When rMetrix-A is deployed throughout your fleet, our solution provides the analytics necessary to provide you a real-time overview of the health of your tracks. A simple intuitive report identifies track locations that are degrading along with a prioritization for your maintenance teams. In addition, track areas seeing improvement are also listed as validation for maintenance activities.

Vehicle Health

When rMetrix-A is permanently installed and running on a train car, our solution provides the analytics necessary to provide you a running overview of the car's health. Data from the ride quality sensors can help determine whether there is a lateral or vertical acceleration issue, or a carbody or truck issue and help prioritize vehicle maintenance activities.