What is rMetrix?

rMetrix is your solution for:

...all in a portable form factor! You supply the computer, and we supply the ride quality sensors, GPS receiver, and rugged carrying case with mounting accessories.

Click here to download the rMetrix specification sheet for more information.

Hardware Components

Ride Quality Sensor

Ride Quality Sensor

The rMetrix system includes a powerful 3-axis accelerometer and IMU with a standard USB connection that streams acceleration and orientation data directly to your computer. Multiple sensors can be used simultaneously to measure vehicle responses at different car locations.

GPS Receiver

GPS Receiver

The rMetrix system includes a compact and light-weight GPS receiver with a high sensitivity chipset. The GPS receiver has superior location accuracy, connects to your computer with a standard USB connection, and works effectively in rail environments.

Portable Case

Portable Case

The rMetrix system includes a rugged carrying case for housing your rMetrix sensors, GPS receiver, and mounting accessories. This case is water resistant, crush proof, and dust proof. Pack this case with your laptop to perform ride quality inspections any time.

Software Features

rMetrix Sensor Data Window

Real-Time Sensor Data

rMetrix visualizes tri-axis acceleration and orientation data in real-time, as well as speed and location information from the GPS. Each channel (lateral, vertical, pitch, roll) has its own graph pane that can display data from multiple sensors. The software includes a comprehensive graphing engine, and features:

  • Multiple Sensor Data Overlays
  • Individual Data Point Queries
  • Zooming and Scrolling Capabilities

rMetrix GPS Data Window

Real-Time Location System

Ride quality data is only useful if you know where the ride quality problems are located. rMetrix uses a high-resolution GPS receiver to identify the exact locations of ride quality issues on your track. The software displays a detailed GIS map with multiple layers, and includes:

  • GPS Location and History Trail with Satellite Information
  • Your GIS Shape Files - Mileposts, Rails and more
  • Your Track Geometry Data Defects for Correlation

rMetrix Exceptions Data Window

Ride Quality Exceptions

A ride quality inspection may generate several ride quality exceptions. rMetrix presents these exceptions in multiple formats - in a GIS map, in a sensor data graph, and in tabular format for easy sorting and prioritization. With rMetrix, inspectors can also:

  • Attach field measurements and pictures to each exception
  • Notate and record observations about each exception
  • Manually identify ride quality exceptions

rMetrix Performance Standards

Performance Standards

rMetrix generates ride quality exceptions in accordance with US and International ride quality standards, such as 49 CFR 213.333. In addition, you can develop your own ride quality standards that work best with your rail environment. Performance standards are customizable:

  • Multiple levels - alarms, alerts, reporting thresholds
  • Various low-pass and band-pass filters
  • Transitory (peaks) or Oscillatory (RMS) measurements

rMetrix Advnaced Analyses

Advanced Analyses

rMetrix includes several advanced analyses, including:

  • Analyzing previous inspections with new performance standards
  • Fast Fourier Transforms and Power Spectral Densities
  • 1/3 Octave Band RMS Accelerations
  • Histograms, Jerk Acceleration Derivatives, Sliding Measurements

rMetrix Reports

Customizable Reports

rMetrix includes several reports, that can be customized with your company name and logo. These include:

  • Exception List Reports (Field and Detailed)
  • ISO 2631 Ride Comfort and Ride Health
  • Sperling Ride Index
  • Raw Data in CSV format for Post-Processing